October 20, 2022

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Pastor Lanre proffers:
Prayer is a communication with God, it's a fellowship with God and one of the things that certainly would hinder or limit a man's ability to pray is if he stops studying the Word of God. Because, in studying God's word, you get to know or hear the person you are praying to, the person that you are fellowshipping with. So, if you can’t pray, it’s proof positive you have deviated or you are alien to the Word of God and once you begin to study the Word of God again (if you are born again particularly if you are filled with the Holy Spirit), your prayer level would just move from one degree of glory to a higher one. So, get back into the Word; that would my recommendation.

Pastor Chris answers:
So, prayer is borne of a relationship.

Rev Tom proffers:
Pastor, if he says "I can't pray", he needs to receive the Holy Spirit-number one! Get the book ‘How to Pray Effectively’. You wouldn’t have gone so far into the book, you’d find yourself praying because you'd understand why we should pray. The next thing is, get involved in prayer times; the man of God releases prayer posts for us to pray three times a week. Get involved! And then get involved in congregational prayers (prayer times in church)- this is going to help you as you get immersed in that corporate unction and you learn more how to pray.

Pastor Chris answers:
And when its prayer time in church, don’t be looking around. Some people just look around when others are praying. What do you want to see? You’ve already seen a lot before the prayer time and you can see after the prayer time. so, during the prayer time, pray! It’s very important.

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